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Karos Online: Getting Started

The creators of MMO games are constantly looking for something to attract players, forcing them to turn away from the already loved World of Warcraft or Lineage 2 . By diligently looking for flaws in the well-known IMO , the developers try not to repeat the mistakes of competitors. For example, complaints addressed to PvP are already heard to WoW : killing one character doesn�t cause any punishment to the other than some players often use, for their own entertainment, without any reason killing other players . Naturally, many are beginning to look for an alternative, turning their attention to other MMO-projects . Some even download the necessary programs for Minecraft and start exploring the world of this game on servers without PvP . But there is one interesting project that captivates with its diversity - � Karos: Start �.

In this game, which tells about the struggle of the inhabitants of the planet Azmara against the dark forces under the leadership of the powerful ruler Malex, everyone can become a brave hero, fighting bravely against evil. To do this, choose a hero from one of four races: people, shadows, seroins and vanissians, then choose the preferred character class, and go to conquer the game world, making friends and enemies, joining guilds, completing quests.

The plot in the game, although it is formally there, in fact turns into general tasks that guide the player to the desired locations. Among the additional quests there are both chains of tasks, after passing which the player will receive a good reward, as well as the usual "go and kill-bring."

After reaching level 36, each character moves to a new level in the game: he has the opportunity to participate in PvP. To activate it, you need to enable the RC option, without which it is impossible to attack another player. With the choice of the role of the killer of players is associated with many problems. One of them is to increase the chance that after the death the killer will lose items of equipment or from his back bag, which automatically makes the PvP player a desirable prey for others.

You can declare yourself a fighter for justice and go to the hunters on the RK or sign up in the arena where, with due skill, you can profit from good things. You can also participate in the guild battles for the mine and the castle, the victories in which bring tangible profits.

The "Karos: Start" game cannot surprise with special features that are not found in other MMO . But what is in the game is very well implemented: it is a big world, a variety of monsters, large and small dungeons for every taste, a well-developed combat game, an interesting PvP system.

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