Dota 2 release date

For those not in the know, Dota was created as a custom script for the RTS video game Warcraft 3: Reign Of Chaos and its extensions The Frozen Throne .

How do we know that this game has a lot of potential?

First is the product from Valve ( Half-Life , Counter-Strike , Team Fortress , Left 4dead , ...) and IceFrog , which have brought us many good games over the past decade. The names of the creators speak for themselves. Another thing is that Dota will be controlled by an improved Source engine, which is good news for gamers. If you are familiar with the source engine (for example, it was used in the Half-Life series), than you know that this is one of the best "engines" the game can have. Dota 2 will run through the well-known Steam.

Valve and IceFrog , both bring a lot of �development weapons� to the table. Gameplay mechanics are taken care of by icefrog. On the other hand, Valve makes sure that the game looks very beautiful and realistic.

Newbies will have the opportunity to learn tactics and gameplay through:

- many game guides ;

- mentoring-coaching system (we will tell a lot about this in the future);

- AI bots for offline gameplay.

Don't worry about Mac OS and Mac OS X users, since the game will work just as well as on the Windows platform, the game developers have taken care of that.

But what is Dota ?

Well, as was said earlier, this was done by developers for Warcraft 3 , an amazing game that after a decade is still popular on many LAN sides.

While playing Dota, you can control only one character at a time. You can upgrade your character, collect equipment and gold, as well as acquire a lot of other abilities needed to win the battle.

We are set to update the news daily, so use RSS and Twitter to stay in touch and receive the latest news about the world of the game Dota 2 .

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